about us

Iranmedicalservice is the largest provider of medical tourism services in Iran. A team of experienced and professional specialists oversees medical tourism, international patient tours, and travel services from around the globe.

Iranmedicalservice collaborates with the most well-known and reputable hospitals, clinics, specialists, and doctors.

Selected hospitals and clinics have the best infrastructures, modern equipment, trained support personnel, and are in line with international health standards and conditions to maintain patient comfort.

Our service planning is already done. We are fully committed to observe medical ethics and standards and utilize our international knowledge of medical tourism in Iran to provide affordable, timely, safe and high-quality services. In fact, we pay attention to all the fine details of medical tourism and guide you through all the steps.

We strive to deliver the best medical travel services to Iran by understanding your expectations. We will thoroughly review your medical status and offer a combination of top hospitals, clinics and surgeons. All Iranmedicalservice medical costs are %40-%70 cheaper than those in other countries.