Hair transplantation in Iran

Hair and Eyebrow Transplant by the Most Experienced Plastic Surgeons in Iran.

Hair transplant in one day by the best international doctors in Iran.
Affordable price.
Our services: Hotel reservation, Appointment with a hair transplant specialist, Airport & city transfer, Male or female escort interpreter, Urban tourism
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Men and Women’s hair transplant

Eyebrow transplant

Beard transplant

Mustache transplant


Hair Transplant

Clinic’s and doctor’s visits, preoperative tests and examinations, medical imaging, hair transplant in hospitals (using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) / Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT) with Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)), postoperative care, recuperation and follow-up

Medical Treatment Visa (T-Visa): Visa Authentication Code

Transportation: Transportation from the airport, private transfer from hotel to clinic / hospital and vice versa, Transportation to the airport

Accommodations: Five- or three-star hotels (At patient’s discretion)

Miscellaneous services: Welcome dinner, 24-Hour Standby Assistant, Interpreter, SIM Card & Internet, Goodbye Gift

How much does hair transplant cost in Iran?

Similar to other healthcare services, hair transplant is offered at a lower price in Iran than in other countries

You can undergo hair transplantation for less than $800 by a highly experienced doctor in a modern clinic

You will only pay $1,290 for a comprehensive hair transplant package, meeting all your needs, including a three-day stay at a five-star hotel


There are many demands for hair transplant in Iran, prompting Iranian hair transplant surgeons to utilize their experience and expertise.

Moreover, the affordability of hair transplant in Iran and the relevant costs are very good reasons for choosing Iran rather than other destinations.